Rules & Behaviour

These Rules have been drawn up and agreed by the staff and Governors of the Ursuline Academy Ilford (UAI). They are practical ways in which students are expected to live out the Mission Statement. Their purpose is to ensure that a positive learning atmosphere exists at all times thus enabling each student to develop fully her gifts, talents and personal qualities. They are not therefore negotiable. Any parent, pupil or member of staff joining UAI will wish to uphold these Rules. Health and safety considerations are of paramount importance. The most beneficial and pleasant learning environment, however, is one where there is mutual respect achieved through good manners and courtesy. It is expected that parents and staff will together work to ensure each student understands the Rules and why they are necessary. The Academy recognises that parents and carers play a critical role in helping to foster in their daughter a strong sense of self-belief and self-discipline in regard to work, behaviour and appearance in school and as she travels to and from school.

Parents should at no time give instructions which go against these Rules

In order to meet the highest possible standards of behaviour and appearance it is expected that each student will at all times observe the following Rules:

  1. Following instructions
    Each student will follow the instructions of a member of staff immediately and at all times. She will address members of staff by their name or by using ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’. She will not interrupt staff but will wait to be addressed before speaking. In this way she will accept the decisions of the staff regarding discipline.
  2. Gossip and rumour
    Each student will behave with kindness and consideration at all times – within school, as well as travelling to and from school. Shouting and screaming are not allowed. Spreading gossip and rumour runs contrary to gospel values,  and is expressly forbidden and will be regarded as bullying behaviour.
  3. Getting involved in other people’s business
    Each student is expected to report poor behaviour to a member of staff who will deal with the matter. Under no circumstances should a girl be seen to correct or ‘discipline’ another girl through word or action. She will put herself in the wrong if she seeks to establish another girl’s ‘innocence’ or ‘guilt’ for something reportedly said or done. The aggravation of a situation by delivering messages for others, discussing the private lives of others or passing on threats is forbidden. It is expressly forbidden for any student to involve herself in someone else’s dispute. If she does this, the matter will be regarded as bullying. If a student is present at a dispute she will be deemed to be participating and will be sanctioned accordingly.
  4. Issues outside school
    Each student will understand that poor behaviour, arguments or relationship difficulties which occur outside of school are not matters which are brought into school. At no time will anyone be threatened with friends or relatives as such behaviour has no place in a Catholic community.
  5. Offending others
    Each student will recognise that everyone has rights and responsibilities. She has her own books, equipment and belongings and the right to her own individuality and privacy. A student will not jeopardise any of these things by anything she does or says and must not make personal comments even in jest. She will not at any time use language which is inappropriate or intended to offend as this too runs contrary to Catholic values.
  6. Telling the truth
    Each student is expected to be truthful at all times even when it is less painful to tell a lie. Lying destroys communities and breaks down trust.
  7. Whilst in lessons
    Each student will co-operate throughout lessons in order to benefit fully from high quality teaching. She will bring the necessary books and equipment. She will not waste valuable lesson time by talking. Nor will she waste valuable lesson time by talking unnecessarily or when instructed not to.
  8. Pupil movement
    Each student will keep to the left to ensure safety in moving quietly and quickly throughout the school. Successful pupils tend to be those who act calmly and are quiet around the school.
  9. Coming onto and leaving school premises
    Each student will comply at all times with procedures for gaining access to the school: if she arrives late for school or leaves early for an authorised appointment she will sign ‘in/out’ at reception. Entry to school via the Prep School gate is expressly forbidden at any time. No student may leave the school site during the day, unless authorised.
  10. Mobile phones
    The academy has imposed a ban on all mobile devices for students in years 7-11. Mobile devices are banned inside the school and outside, in the vicinity of the school, whilst in school uniform. If students are caught using phones or if a mobile device is seen or heard by staff it will be confiscated and returned only to a responsible adult but not on the same day as confiscation. Any student found to be using a mobile device whilst in school or who refuses to hand over a phone or device to a member of staff puts herself at risk of exclusion. The argument that a phone or device belongs to a parent or other adult is not acceptable.  The school will seek to examine mobile device content if there is a reason to suspect that such content is not in keeping with the values of the school and/or is contributing to poor relationships with other students.
  11. Litter and the environment
    Each student will take pride in the environment by seeing litter of any kind as unacceptable and as everyone’s responsibility. As a Catholic community we are considerate of all who work and study here. We want to make the academy a school where the cleaners are respected and where we do not make unnecessary work for them.
  12. Eating and drinking
    Each student will understand that food and drink is not consumed in any school building, classroom or indoor public area other than the Dining Room unless otherwise directed. Appropriate food and drink may be consumed in the playground or courtyard but such use will be monitored. Each student is responsible for ensuring her plate/wrapping/carton is suitably disposed of and all rubbish placed in a bin. She will encourage others to do the same.
  13. Dangerous and illegal substances
    Each student will accept that smoking is never tolerated. Alcohol, non-prescription drugs and any form of weapon are not brought onto school premises and where there is breach or suspected breach the Police will be informed immediately.
  14. Other Forbidden substances
    Each student will recognise that chewing gum can damage the environment and along with Tipp-Ex, aerosol sprays and hair preparations, lighters and matches are not allowed. carbonated/fizzy drinks are not allowed to be brought in to school. Healthy alternatives are available in the Dining Room.
  15. Toilets
    Each student will want toilet facilities to be left as she would expect to find them. Any misuse is reported immediately to a member of staff. Any deliberate misuse will be viewed as vandalism and will be sanctioned accordingly.
  16. Own property
    Each student will take care of her own property, which should be marked with her name. Valuable items should not be brought into school. A girl may not borrow money, clothes or other personal items from another student as this can sometimes lead to arguments.
  17. Money
    Each student will want to look after her money which should not be left unattended in a blazer or bag. Large amounts of money should not be brought into school as a matter of course. If it is necessary, it should be handed in to reception for safe-keeping.
  18. Uniform
    Each student will wear uniform at all times whilst travelling to and from school and she will take pride in her appearance whilst in school. She will observe Uniform Rules at all times, including those relating to the wearing of makeup and jewellery.
  19. Care for property
    Each student in this community respects the property of the Academy and that of others.
  20. Safety first
    Each student will understand that health and safety issues are paramount. Electrical items including hair straighteners and mobile phone chargers shall not therefore be brought in to school. Where they are seen they will be confiscated. The excuse that the item belongs to another family member, including a parent, is not acceptable. Nor is it an acceptable excuse that a parent has given permission for the item to be brought into school.
  21. Our Chapel
    Each student will respect the fact that the Chapel is the worshipping heart of the school. When Jesus drove the money lenders from the Temple he distinguished between what was sacred and what was secular. The Chapel is intended for private and group prayer, sacramental worship and adult-led discussion. It is never a social meeting room for students looking for somewhere to eat or drink.

Any student who is found to be consistently in breach of one or more of these Rules will be subject to appropriate sanction as outlined in the Academy’s Behaviour policy.

Such sanction may include non-participation in school trips and visits, school detentions including Saturday morning, letters home, internal exclusion as well as temporary or permanent external exclusion.