Head Girl Team

Clockwise, left to right: Tolu Unuefa, Maisha Rahman, Erin Ragavelas, Rianne Caldeira, Urielle Fidegnon, Amani Khan and Edah Efejuku

Meet the Head Girl Team


Amani Khan – Head Girl

“My name is Amani, and I am very privileged to be the Head Girl for this year.
I decided to continue at The Ursuline Academy Ilford for sixth form, after being here since Year 7, as the sense of community at UAI is something I found to be unique to our school. The sixth form is a diverse, loving community that builds each other up and helps you become the best version of yourself. I study Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Being a small sixth form, the level of support and encouragement from both peers and staff is incredible. In my spare time I love to read and watch TV!”


Edah Efejuku – Deputy Head Girl

“Throughout my time here, particularly during my GCSE’s, I noticed that there is a strong support system; whether you need help with school work or guidance in a situation, there is always somebody around to help.
I decided to stay at our School’s Sixth Form as I felt it was the best environment for me to progress. There are also many opportunities within the school to explore your skills in specific subjects such as tutoring in Maths or being a helper in a specific class of your choice. I hope this gives you an insight into life in our school and you consider joining our community.”


Maisha Rahman – Deputy Head Girl

“The Ursuline Academy Ilford is an incredibly welcoming school and having joined the sixth form in year 12, I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have made. I have chosen to study Mathematics, Economics and Psychology at A Level, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. After sixth form, I want to study a degree in Business Management and aspire to have a career in the financial sector. Outside of school, I love spending time with my family and friends as it is something that’s very important to me; and going to a sixth form that’s close to home definitely helps with that.”


Urielle Fidegnon – Deputy Head Girl

“As someone who has been at The Ursuline Academy Ilford since Year 7, it was always natural for me to stay and continue to study here for A Level’s. I have chosen to do Government and Politics, Philosophy and Ethics, and Economics which are all subjects that play a part in what I want to do at University which is Business Management. Outside of school, if I am not working, I’ll be playing netball, baking or sleeping!”



Erin Ragavelas – Senior Prefect

“The Ursuline Academy Ilford is where I’ve studied, grown and performed since Year 7. I left briefly in Year 12, wanting a change, but quickly learnt that there was no place as good as where I’d left! I’ve always been interested in being creative with music and, whilst I study Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics, and History, the brilliant extra-curriculum in the Music Department allows me to continue to sing and perform whilst studying for my A Level’s. Once I’ve finished Year 13, I plan to develop my singing and make a career after studying Creative Musicianship at whichever singing institution will have me!”


Rianne Caldeira – Senior Prefect

“I have been at The Ursuline Academy Ilford since Year 7 and am currently studying my A Level’s in Psychology, History and English Literature. After Sixth Form, I wish to pursue a career in Performing Arts, in particular dance which has been a major hobby of mine since I was 5. I am also heavily involved in the Music Department and have been since doing GCSE Music. I play the clarinet, saxophone and the piano, and have done for around 9 years! The Ursuline Academy Ilford for me has been a place of comfort and community, where help is given whether it’s school work related or being given a cup of coffee and having a chat when down or stressed!”


Tolu Unuefa – Senior Prefect

“The subjects I’m studying at A level are Biology, Chemistry and Economics and after School I intend to study a degree in Medicine. During my free time I am an active gym goer as a healthy body = healthy mind.
I came to this school for year 12 and from the get go there were many things that attracted me to  this school but the thing I loved most is the friendly community from both staff and students.”