We are a vibrant faith community inspired by our founder Angela Merici, whose motto was “Serviam” – I will SERVE. ‘Serviam’ lies at the heart of our daily routine and practice. We aim to empower our girls to learn, to lead and to serve. As Angela Merici faced new challenges by looking for new possibilities, so too are we committed and called to do things in new ways to ensure that the young women in our care are offered a nurturing and challenging educational environment in which they can learn and grow and develop the confidence to go out and make a difference in our world.

Our 7 Golden rules for the school community are based on SERVIAM.


Ursuline Serviam Pledge

7 Golden rules to promote success

Strive to succeed

Work hard to be the best that you can be!

Equip yourself to learn

Prepare for lessons. Bring the required books and equipment!


Yourself, others and your environment. We want our school to be a BULLY FREE ZONE!

Value everyone’s right to learn

Listen to your teachers and each other!


Follow instructions, in and outside the classroom, immediately and positively!

Arrive to school and lessons on time

In correct uniform, worn with pride!

Make a difference

By making a positive contribution to our school and environment!